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Word Order

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Being a Germanic language, and more specifically a daughter language of Gothic, Guþlansk follows a logical Germanic word order of (Subject) + Object + Verb, or SOV; which is evident in Ulfila's translation of the New Testament which follows Greek rather closely. However, departs from it regularly.  Predominantly IP-V2 SVO in simple declarative statements, it can revert back to verb-final constructions for more complex statements.


(Subject) + Object + Verb.
Subject + Verb (+ Adverb) (+ Object).
Adverb + Verb + Subject (+ Object).
S + V (+ Adv) (+ O) + jah + V + S (+ O).
Relative (+ Subject) + Verb (+ Adverb) (+ Object).
Relative (+ Adverb) + Verb (+ Subject) (+ Object).
Rel.Pron. + Verb (+ Adverb) (+ Object).
Rel.Pron. + Adverb + Verb (+ Object).


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