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Wistra Gutisk

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Wistra Gutisk is an a posteriori constructed language of East Germanic origin with influences from North Germanic languages.  It is primarily based on Gothic where most of the lexicon is founded with influences from Norse, Icelandic, and other Scandinavian languages. Future development of Wistra Gutisk will show the influence of Native American languages, primarily that of languages in use throughout the northeastern coast of North America.


As a Germanic language, Wistra Gutisk is a part of the Indo-European language family.  It is the sole modern descendant of Gothic and is considered the standard of Modern Gothic, not a regiolect or topolect, which can be distinguished from the Southern and Northern varieties.  The Gothic language survived as a domestic language in the Iberian peninsula (modern Spain and Portugal) as late as the 8th century, and Frankish author Walafrid Strabo wrote that it was still spoken in the lower Danube area and in isolated mountain regions in Crimea in the early 9th century (see Crimean Gothic).  The Gothic language lives in its modern form Wistra Gutisk (Western Gothic) along the northeastern coast of North America in Markland (Newfoundland and Labrador) and Helluland (Baffin Island).


There are relatively few changes from the corpora.  Most of the changes are found in the pronunciation through contact with Scandinavian languages in its developing (migratory) phases, and later in North America through contact with native tribes.  Adoption of place names, proper names, and local species is the primary result of such connection with the indigenous people of Markland, Helluland, and surrounding areas.




Naitigosti Island




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